Below are statistics provided by New Jersey MLS for Q2 2019. We can provide individual town statistics by reaching out to us by phone or the “Get In Touch” form provided on this page. Click here to see a broader market snapshot.

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Q1 2019 had the fewest homes sold and lowest median price in a quarter in 3 years. A slowdown is starting to rear its head. The economy is strong, interest rates are low and it is the spring market – so what gives? Buyers have become price resistant and there is no indication that interest rates will be going up. There is no urgency and they’ll wait to see prices drop.  Q2 will shed a lot more light. 



Mahwah experienced the opposite in Q1. It was the strongest Q1 in Mahwah in 3 years in terms of sales. However, median sale price was down slightly to $429,000.