Yesterday afternoon, I visited a past client of mine who was considering a kitchen renovation. He wanted to get my opinion on what changes would be best for resale down the road. I gave him the pros and cons so that he could make an educated decision on what would be best for him and his family’s needs and a possible return on investment.

I was really happy to hear from him.  I knew he has no intention of selling but I was pleased that he thought of me and wanted my opinion.

It got me thinking about some of the other complimentary services Realtors provide that do not involve selling or buying property.

1. Help in appealing property taxes – Property taxes in Bergen and Passaic Counties are high. If you think your assessed value is out of whack, did you know you can try to appeal it? Realtors can provide comps and supporting documents to support your case for a reduction. 

2. Assist in getting out of the flood zone – We can’t actually get your flood zone designation cleared but we can give the name of engineers who may be able to fight FEMA on your behalf.

3. Advice on home improvements – Considering a renovation? Ask your Realtor what will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

4. Give recommendations on home service companies – Need a plumber, painter, electrician or mason? Chances are your Realtor has a slew of names that can be passed along to you.

5. Provide an equity analysis – Curious to know what your house could fetch in this market in Bergen County? Need a market analysis for a probate proceeding? Even if you have no plans to sell, your Realtor should be happy to give you a local market analysis for whatever need you have.

I want to be your real estate advisor for life so never hesitate to call me if you need any of these complimentary services. I’m here to help!