Sales Success During the Holidays

There are advantages to buying and selling homes during the Holiday season: less competition and more serious intentions by sellers and buyers. There are always sellers who need to sell and buyers who need to buy. For sellers who decide that now is the right time, here are some ways to showcase a home in the best light during the holiday season:

  1. Get it cozy for showings – Turn on your gas fireplace, have soft musicplaying, and have the temperature at a comfortable setting (around 70F)
  2. Take twilight photos – There’s something about the warm glow of lights coming from a home on a cold winter’s night.
  3. Turn on the lights – Switch out those energy saving LED bulbs for something brighter and turn on EVERY light in your home. After all, it is the darkest time of the year and since many showings will happen after 5pm, the brighter, the better.
  4. Keep pathway and driveway clear and well-lit – Snow, ice and other wintery debris must be removed or it may cause slipping hazards.
  5. Minimize holiday décor – people celebrate different holidays this time of year but try to limit the decorations to just essentials so the space doesn’t look too cluttered.
  6. Show off the seasons – have pictures of the pool or the beautifulazaleas in the Spring? Having them on display will help potential buyers envision what life will be like there 6 months from now.

If you are weighing when would be a good time to sell, let’s talk! Each seller’s situation is unique and so many factors need to be considered to determine the right time for you.

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