Kristin Graves

Sales Associate

Maintaining your home

From time to time, my clients will recommend specific home service companies, such as painters, plumbers and electricians. While I don't personally endorse any of these home service companies, they've come recommended by my clients. Use this as a resource and remember to always call more than one vendor when deciding on a quote.


Cleaning/Clean Out Services

   Zimick Brothers 201-444-0141 - very thorough cleaning (windows, carpets cleaned or ripped out, baseboards)

  Checklist LLC - Kathy Checke - a senior specialist
  Wilenta Carting - 201-325-0044
  E&M Cleanouts - 201-310-7767
  Kev's Cleanouts -201-651-7665
  College Hunks Hauling Junk



Feuersenger Electric (201) 327-3614



Cedar Hill Construction

SECO Contracting

CMR Contracting    201-406-9892


DB Heating and Cooling 201-312-2627
Mortgage Lenders
Luke Chamberlin - NJ Lenders - 201-882-8294
Natalie McNaught - Wells Fargo - (201) 556-4130


Landis Painting

Bill Buckley Painting  201-327-7020
CertaPro Painting 201-447-4422

Pest Control

Horizon Pest Control - (855) 626 3351

Terminite - (908) 353-6938



Ed Jones – (201) 327-4214

Peterson Plumbing - 201-391-9136